Egg Beauty fix

July 25, 2011

eggs diy beauty

I’ve been planning for some time to speak some more about my DIY beauty remedies, one of them being the use of eggs. Raw Eggs are filled with tons of good stuff for your skin, especially vitamin A, D and E. They can used fora multitude of reasons as a mask for your face.

It is incredibly simple to use the whole egg as a mask, just lightly mix the yolk and white together and then smooth it over your face. Once it is dry rinse it off. The mask will tighten your pores leaving your skin smooth. I do not use this for blemishes but many do say that eggs do heal blemishes as well.

The tightening pores effect of the egg white is incredibly great to use before applying makeup. I apply the white, rinse it off with lukewarm water and then apply my makeup. The egg tightens your pores giving your foundation liquid or powder a smoother application canvas therefore giving the primer effect.

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