Beira Alta Montecasino

June 20, 2011

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The boyfriend took me to Beira Alta on our anniversary and I must say it was impressive. The pan-fried prawns were a combination of Ocean Basket (with Porra sauce) and La Parreirinha (which is claimed to be the best prawn joint in Joburg).

The service at Beira Alta is impeccable, the hostess calm, friendly and allowed us to choose our table. Our waiter replaced the shell basket quickly,was pleasant and even brought the bill to our table very efficiently.

I usually to loathe Montecasino, only going there on the odd occasion of an Il Grande screening or I’m craving Skoobs (the most amazing bookshop I have been to in JHB). But for Beira Alta, I’ll always be willing to make an exception (when budget allows). It’s jumble of stuff, a KFC, then a steers, all in close proximity to Coco Bongo and other classy restaurants, designers shops, and then gag shops, an arcade and a NU Metro.  The whole concept is just too much for me, it fails to be classy or relaxed (and Ican barely walk on that pebbled floor with heels).

Nevertheless, Montecasino is a strong memory of my teenage years. I have seen many a Harry Potter movie at the Il Grande and played many arcade games there. What I will not admit is the fact that I could have enjoyed my midnights at Vacca Matta and Cobblestones.

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