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May 17, 2011

South African elections polling station

Last week I read a tweet claiming that most of the people queuing for hours for Coldplay tickets will find it too much of an effort to vote in the Municipal elections tomorrow. I can’t say what I think about that, all i can say is, it took me less than 5 minutes to vote in the Nationals last time around and about 4 hours to get hold of Coldplay tickets.

Now my tickets are sitting safely at home and that mission is sorted. The voting on the other hand, is a different challenge. It’s not how long it will take, it’s the sheer brainpower required to choose a party, that, in my opinion will not completely live up to my expectations.

There is not one party that fully captures my attention. The ANC brought us this democracy but without competition they cannot be pressured into service delivery etc. The DA aren’t favoured by many as an ex-‘white’ party, my mum now says she is considering voting for AZAPO. I might take that stance just to attempt to take seats away from the ANC, but I do like the DA candidate in our area.  It seems this time it’s all just pick and choose, by the next Nationals I definitely want things to me more defined.

Either way, regardless of who you vote for or what you think about it. Get your butt to the polling station. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Here’s an interesting article on the elections presence online, I definitely agree, by 2014 Parties will have to implement social media much more strongly in their campaigns. South Africa votes: The online ‘chatter’ [statistics]

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  • Reply [Arb]Strak-Zak June 3, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Agreed, 17 years after a democracy and all we can do now is sit on a beanbag and chant the failure of the current political infrastructure, when we can stand in a line and cast our vote.

    Does every vote give you a right to our freedom of expression? A moot point. In my opinion, work toward our opinions to make them count. Countdown to the next National Election should leave us in a much better position as to who to vote for.

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