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Copy cat Cinnabon recipes |Have you made Cinnabon?

I am an incredibly obsessed Cinnabon fan (ok, fine- addict) and am craving a pecanbon, cinnabon and the choco-bon all at this very moment. But really, that company is ripping us off! I’d love to have a Cinnabon everyday BUT I’d die of a…

August 18, 2011

Egg Beauty fix

I’ve been planning for some time to speak some more about my DIY beauty remedies, one of them being the use of eggs. Raw Eggs are filled with tons of good stuff for your skin, especially vitamin A, D and E. They can used fora…

July 25, 2011

Marcel’s = Disappointment

I posted a while back about Marcel’s frozen Yogurt and was heavily in praise of it. there is nothing wrong with the ice cream or frozen yogurt itself, it’s supply and service. Ever since our first visit to the Clearwater Mall branch the store has…

May 30, 2011