Updates and excitement :)

apartment therapy amazing shelf amazing apartment
The next month is going to be the most INSANE month ever.

1. Exams. ergh.

2. Moving. YES. MOVING.

My first crazy step to independence is this weekend. I am packing up my teen years stained room and heading to a place of my own. If I didn’t think of all the packing I had to do and owned a fridge already I would be JUMPING out of my seat. Nevertheless I am incredibly excited and ready for this adventure. It’s gonna bet tough times because my bank account is not, by any means, overflowing, BUT, well I am obsessed with design and am going to try to make my place as homely as possible.

3. That Bobbi Brown Comp I am in, ends today.All the Retweets, all the shares, all the emails don’t seem to be giving me a good enough vote per minute ratio, which is currently at a constant average of 1 vote per minute regardless of the time of day.  However, I really want this prize, and this was the only way. I am so grateful for everyone’s help :)

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