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Balm balm products

I attended an incredible brunch by Love Green, South Africa’s distributor of the UK based brands Balm Balm and Spezia and it wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with the products.

I’m not the type of beauty girl to scour malls for the most *green products because oftentimes they are expensive and/or ineffective. Not Balm Balm.

After sampling their products I can truly say that I will go out and purchase some of them again.

They are 100% organic, 100% recycled and recyclable and my favourites;

They contain NO parabens, sulphates or preservatives;

The company is even certified as Carbon Neutral.

This is as pure and as ethical it gets.
Balm Balm products

They are well known for the Little Miracle Rosehip serum that works wonders for everyone and the Baby Balm, which won a Green Beauty Bible award.

I was given the Rose Geranium Face Balm and 2 lip balms. Which I can say I will be repurchasing without hesitation, the face balm has a RSP of R140! Tell me that’s not affordable!

The quality of the products is amazing, it’s extremely concentrated and undiluted. If I were you, I’d get this now!

Head over to and get yours :)

3 thoughts on “Balm Balm | Skincare without the guilt

  1. These look really great. I wonder if they are available in Australia? I love natural products, especially if they smell good too (as some natural ones are a bit bland smelling). Are these ones nice smelling?

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