DRIVE Review |Ryan Gosling like never before!

Last night I attended a Drive screening and was blown away.

Just beware though, if you last saw him in The Notebook instead of expecting this:

Ryan Gosling in the Notebook rain kissing scene

Rather expect this:

ryan gosling driveblood splatter

This is just a brief warning. This is NOT the Notebook. It is NOT a feel good movie. It’s a Thriller and expect all the things that come with it.

The cheesy 80s Music ends up setting the tone really and unexpectedly there are no slow-mo car chases and blow ups. It’s got slow motion in the right places, incredibly loud gunshots and car engines and is NOT for shallow minded viewing. It’s raw, moody and shocking; and especially not for squeamish girls.

If you like it, you’re going to want to watch it over and over again. If you hate it, you’ve probably compared it to Pulp Fiction or the Notebook.

Drive opens in Cinemas over South Africa today :)

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