dress 1

So I’m not sure how the ZARA store in Sandton is keeping up. From the words uttered on Twitter, it’s probably crazy in there.I am just really glad I got my dress (which I wore last night, AND got complimented MANY times :)), now that’s the difference between ZARA, and well, Thruworths.

But before we were all blessed with a new store (yes, though it may have been way more hyped it still is just a store) we were blessed with the day of Eid. Which I spent In durban, stilted on my espadrilles in an incredible printed dress from Edgars. Also, I’m a ninja, I climb into 4th floor windows XD.

I also took out my camera for the first time on a plane (fortunate enough to have a window-seat >_<

climbing in window

portrait 1

IMG_6877-1I know it may look like I’m in love with this wing, but checking in late is really a b@#$%. Also, notice how beautiful the Eastern Coastline looks an compare it to the East of Johannesburg. Johannesburg=UGLY, coastline=Beautiful.