LookBook worthy? |I’m just looking for summer wardrobe ideas

Someone somewhere LookBook by Sonia Gje
A few years ago Lookbook seemed to be the Street Fashion Elite. I scoured the internet for an account invite code, just so that i could Hype Looks. Now, on the other hand, Lookbook is over saturated with hundreds of people sporting similar Looks.
Lookbook Pradabaroque by Denni.
How do you spot the Hype from the Recent? Well, it’s hard to sift through all the mediocrity. Though, it may just be that I am upset that whenever its summer on Lookbook, I’m wearing winter clothing, and not just any clothing, last season’s clothing (the horror). Nevertheless, I’ve always loved Lookbook.

The Great thing though about living in the Southern Hemisphere is that you can collect tons of ideas for when the season comes to you and pick up on great trends that are coming.

May I just say there are some gorgeous people on Lookbook…

I-M-A-MERMAID-BUT-I-CAN-T-SWIM Lookbook Chanok s

* Summer Look <3

Like-a-Stone Vini Uehara

Enough reason to get to Lookbook

One thought on “LookBook worthy? |I’m just looking for summer wardrobe ideas

  1. yes totally, the whole winter/summer thing frustrates me. Esp when summer comes I forgot about the looks I’ve collected :( Let’s dress up tomo yay :)

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