Neem powder for mask from neem leaves

I am quite the natural girl. I try my best to do things naturally before cosmetically (when there is an option). I haven’t been able to fully get rid of a few bumps (from teen years) and have been reading about a very old Indian remedy for acne and its scars. All I have left is scars and the odd break-out so I thought I would try it.

I trudged off (or frantically in thursday afternoon traffic) to Fordsburg to find this mystical ‘neem’ that not even my mum knew about. I only knew that it existed in leaves and in powder (probably the leaves ground) and found myself completely out-of-place with my Emily the Strange bag and vintage Sunnies in a spice shop on 8th avenue.

But it was all worth it. Apart from the smell which is similar to mendhi (henna) I think it may be better than the volcanic clay masque I order online (at 10x the cost of neem powder).

I made a paste with rose-water and the powder and brushed it on my face with a clean Daler Rowney. I try to keep masks on for 15-20 minutes and use a thinned version of the masque itself to keep the masque moist.

MY face felt incredibly refreshed and seemed much brighter, also there was a decrease in redness around problem areas.