Twitter bird log and text


I don’t know about you, but for me, TweetDeck was just too much and too brilliant, until Rockmelt came along now i no longer use Tweetdeck at all. It’s an extra application that uses up CPU space (that I’d rather use to run about 7 other programs at a time).

Nonetheless, the news that Twitter has purchased TweetDeck intrigues me. will it really be this way in the future? Social networking companies owning the apps we use? They will then have all the power over content and third-party apps will be nowhere to be seen?

I would hate to see third party apps become less prominent, there’s something cool about the fact that anyone who knows an OS can create an app that can be used by anyone.

I can also get the fact that selling a program you made for upwards of $4 million is what could be called ‘Living the Dream’

by Zaahirah BhamjeeZaahirah Bhamjee