Restaurant Review: Ocean Basket Clearwater Mall

May 25, 2011

Ocean Basket Johannesburg South Africa Logo

Iย could eat prawns everyday for the rest of my life and always choose prawns over and regular fish hake or linefish. Ocean Basket has been my favourite franchise for prawns for quite ย a while, their prices are quite affordable and their prawns are usually very fresh

The Clearwater Mall one has since the malls’ inception been my most frequently visited and I’ve recently grown quite fond of the Porra sauce you can get added to a normal prawn special (for only R10) or the Porra Prawn special is amazing. The sauce is incredibly spicy though, i’d advise nothing but water to accompany your meal ๐Ÿ™‚

I would not recommend sushi at Ocean Basket, but I will recommend prawns any day.

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